26. Mar, 2015

Leter from a fly

Small I might be but clever I am! The fly wrote on the wall to the human. Sometimes people think I’m disgusting when I spit digestive juices on food. But let me tell you this, I need to decompose what I eat before swallowing. We all have to eat, after all!

      Ok, so my eyes look a bit scary close up, back off then! Give me a break! If you have to know more, then I might as well tell you. I have poor eye sight, despite the fact that each of my eyes contains 4000 lenses. So please hurry up and invent specs for flies!

      So what is it about me that you don’t like? Apart from the fact I defecate every couple of minutes, so what, it doesn’t smell, does it? I do my best for you by accelerating your recycling process by decomposing organic waste. What more do you want? Please, nothing that requires speed, although I can do up to 5 miles an hour! Not bad for a fly. By the way, I do carry some lethal weapons, such as pathogenic bacteria. This could be rather dangerous if you want an outbreak of tuberculosis, dysentery, anthrax, gangrene, to name but a few. But I had better stop there as I’m not painting a pretty picture of myself.

       Moving  swiftly on, I do have a second pair of wings called halters, like mini drum sticks (we’re not talking hens here!) if you need me to fight some battles. However, remember that I do not like spiders, even the ones you think are friendly. They all have a dark side to them!

       And I would just like to tell you, that we flies like the company of humans, you supply all our needs but you do chase us about a bit. Remember, life is too short, even for a fly like me. We live for just 30 – 60 days, so we have to make the most of it!