29. May, 2015

A new home awaits

First, I would like to say hello and welcome to all those reading my tales and thank you for stopping by.  Here is an update from our home for waifs and strays.

     It doesn’t matter how many animals that come through our gate, whenever one dies, through illness or old age, the loss is always the same. I remember my father, an eccentric and clever man, telling me that he loved animals better than humans. His mother, my grandmother, felt the same way too. And growing up in their shadow, surrounded by all sorts of creatures, mostly wild, I could see why they made this decision.

      My kind and unassuming husband and I buried a hen last night after she died peacefully of old age. Later, over a cup of sweet tea, we talked about the joy the hen had brought us over the years, not just by supplying endless tasty eggs but her gentle character always made us smile. And again, as she died, another of our hens sat beside her. This is something hens do!

      I still take time to sit on my bench by the pond, and it never ceases to amaze me at the other world that runs parallel to our own, the world of nature! This uncomplicated thread of wonder stretches from the bottom of our pond, to the tips of our trees and beyond and I am often reluctant to leave their world for ours.

      We are about to take in more battery hens so the summer will almost certainly be a hive of activity. They will arrive, scantily dressed, tired, insecure and confused but it is humbling, watching how they develop into confident and happy animals with individual personalities and shiny new feathers to be proud of.  

      I will write again soon and update you on the rest of the goings on at our home for waifs and strays, and the other side of our ‘home’ where the vegetables continue to grow like weeds in a forest.