7. Jul, 2015

Fruit picking

After eating all the raspberries and strawberries from our allotment, I headed for our local pick you own. Being a big fruit eater, it would have been in their best interest to have weighed me on the way in and again on the way out!

    With our visitors in tow, we hunted down the best of the berries growing amidst the fields that rolled all the way down to the sea. With the sun smiling on us, we couldn’t have wished for a better place to be. At least, for me, it was perfect!

     Carefully picking the best fruit to make jam, meant having to taste before buying. You see, poor fruit produces poor quality jam. The secret is to make small amounts of jam at a time. Another wee tip is that slightly under-ripe fruit makes better jam. This is because of it has a higher acidity. Also, warm the sugar first! The faster you can make the jam, the fresher it will taste. Believe me, this is true!

      Anyway, we picked and tasted the fruit and as I did, I could hear my absent kind and unassuming husbands voice in my head, telling me that they should be washed before eating and did I know that it was wrong to eat the fruit without paying for it? He was right you know, but I will pay the penalty if there is any to pay.

     We ate and picked the raspberries first, the high pectin levels in this fruit helps with the setting of the jam. Then off we strolled to the strawberry fields.  Now strawberries are rather low in pectin so we looked for slightly under ripe fruit. Some lemon juice will make up the difference when I come to making the jam.

      When we had finished and paid for what we had picked, I made everyone a fresh cup of sweet tea in our old camper. It was a perfect way to end the day.