27. Sep, 2015

An extraodinary tale

Our home for waifs and strays attracts the most extraordinary creatures and from all walks of life, but what happened this evening was almost unbelievable and certainly a true story. It all began when I went out with some friends for a meal. It was as simple as that! But I should have known that nothing is ever that simple, at least not in my life!  

     Almost everything on the menu had chicken in it and I told the waiter that I didn’t eat chicken.

     ‘You don’t like chicken?’ said the waiter with a Polish accent.

     ‘Oh I love chickens,’ I replied, ‘but preferably alive and running about with their heads still on!’  The waiter looked alarmed but then thoughtful as he proceeded to take my order and serve me a chicken less meal.

      Later, when we paid the bill, the same waiter came to me with a rather large and heavy box. ‘For you,’ he said staring right at me, ‘because you love living hens!’ I looked confused but all was revealed when he took the box outside and opened it. Twelve small black heads peered up at me. ‘I cannot keep them here any longer! Please take!’

      The rest is history as you can imagine. I made a quick phone call to my kind and unassuming husband and made my way home....the box of living hens in the seat beside me!

       I guess my friends will talk about this evening for a long time to come. I will keep you informed of their progress!