3. Oct, 2015

Please don't eat me

Don’t eat me,’ begged the ladybird , ‘I taste awful and you will be sick!’

     ‘I don’t believe you,’ said the big bad bird. ‘I’m going to get you!’ And the hungry bird hopped closer and closer to the tiny, red and black ladybird.

     ‘But why would you want to eat me?’ said the ladybird, scurrying up a stem of a very tall flower. Her tiny heart beat like a drum. ‘I’m a sort of a bird too. I have wings, just like you and I can fly!’

     The big bad bird stopped for a moment and frowned. ‘But you’re a beetle not a bird!’ he said, ‘and birds eat beetles.’

      The little ladybird had to think fast or the bird would eat her. She didn’t want him to follow her home as her babies were sleeping in their beds. She thought about her babies and smiled. Someone once told her that they looked like baby alligators, with their long bodies and bumpy skin and legs that protrude from their bodies. That was a cheeky thing to say, she thought, calling her babies names.

        ‘I’m coming!’ shouted the angry bird!’ and he sat at the end of the stem, waiting to eat her.

        The ladybird’s heart beat so fast, she thought it would burst. Then she had an idea.

         As the bird opened his beak to eat her, he had a terrible shock. The ladybird released a horrid, smelly liquid from her legs that sent the big bad bird flying. He was also sick.

        ‘That will teach you to mess with me,’ said the ladybird. ‘I told you I taste awful. I can smell awful too!’ Then she flew back to her home and her babies.