8. Oct, 2015

The flying dragon

If you live in Southern England it is quite possible that the dragonflies you see have travelled at a speed of 20 miles an hour, all the way from Africa. Many of these flighty flying dragons, choose to rest on the pond at our home for waifs and strays.  

      The ‘flying dragon’ prefers clean, unpolluted water in a sunny spot and they seem to like the pile of logs we have compiled for little visitors. They also enjoy a quick sunbathing session on the lily pads that float above the pondweed. And as our garden is home to hundreds of birds, the long grasses and plants around the pond are a great escape from predators!

       It is late in the year now, and autumn is upon us and still there are many jobs in our garden that need seeing to before the weather changes.

       Once again, our home for waifs and strays is a hive of activity with the harvesting of crops still ongoing. The hen houses need re-felting before the rainy season and the summer house most certainly needs a long awaited coat of paint. I almost forgot the grapes, they are almost ready for picking and already taste delicious! I’m not quite sure what we will do with them all but I nothing will go to waste.

       I'm always sorry to see the end of summer but each season brings something different and often exciting. But for now, I shall make the most of sitting by the pond with a cup of sweet tea, watching the flying dragons before they leave.