12. Dec, 2015

A day of rest

I have had the most delightful day! I actually had time to myself without any pressure of having to do anything in particular. So, I began the day with a cup of sweet tea beside a roaring log fire and Country life magazine resting on my lap. Then the phone rang! I hesitated to answer it, afraid of any demands being made on my time! But I did and I heard myself saying ‘yes, of course I will come!’

     But before I could pop across the road to a friend, for another cup of sweet tea and scones, I had a visitor, someone I hadn’t seen for quite some time. They came with me for the tea and scone (it’s like that in Wales) and I have to say, I had an entertaining time. One of my friends is an artist and the other, a meditation teacher. We chatted about life in our village and the goings on of Mr and Mrs So and So! Nothing too taxing but by now it was almost lunch time.

     The afternoon was spent Christmas shopping with my kind and unassuming husband in Carmarthen, the oldest town in Wales and cwtched (cuddled) in by the river Tawe. The sun warmed our shoulders as we strolled through the narrow cobbled streets where people sang in groups and a harpist played magical music leaving me spellbound.

     To end this restful day, some very good friends of ours came to dinner and we laughed as we exchanged stories of times gone by. Being musicians, some of us played the guitars, piano and drums, plus a variety of weird instruments. We sang as we played, both in Welsh and in English. I felt blessed to be surrounded by such kind and wonderful people. Thank you Pat for playing the piano so beautifully. I loved the Welsh lullabies!

     Remember, it is later than you think so enjoy life while you can!