1. Jan, 2016

The unexpected guest

Day 1 of the year 2016 and already, life at our home for waifs and strays is bubbling trouble after Christmas brought some unexpected guests!

     The recent storms blew a young jackdaw into the side of our garden wall and left the poor creature battered and dazed. After a spell in the warm recuperating shed and a trip to the small animal hospital in the woods, he made a full recovery and was released up on the moors. But for some animals that turn up at our home for waifs and strays, life for them is not always that simple.

     Due to the amount of rescued battery hens we keep and a blind cat as well as an old deaf one, we have never taken in a dog, apart from the three puppies we rescued in a storm one night and they stayed for just one day. So imagine our horror when someone turned up on our doorstep on Christmas morning and begged us to take in a small black dog as a matter of urgency. My kind and unassuming husband and I tried desperately to find an alternative place to send the shivering animal but to no avail. So now, we are foster parents to an old Jack Russell cross we’ve nicknamed Patterjack! Hopefully, we will find a good home for her soon!

     Then out in our makeshift hospital for rescued hens, Old Missy Pipit is struggling with her eye sight and needs regular medication and eye washes to enable her to eat her food and to fight whatever infection is causing her trouble. Quite often, we don’t know the history of the animals we rescue and this can cause problems.

     Also, in the hayshed, a small mouse (or young rat) is recuperating in a warm, purpose built box after one of the cats caught it yesterday. Tomorrow we will release the wee creature up on the moor, away from the chaos of our home for waifs and strays.