9. Jan, 2016

Man V Nature

I have never known rain to be so wet! In fact, I have never known it to rain so much in all of my life, and that’s saying something, coming from Wales!

     We are proud, in Wales, of our green valleys and lush mountains, but all this greenery comes at a price. Rain! Big fat rain! Fountain rain! Sheets of rain! Lazy rain that would rather go through you than around you! Or rain like today that came bucketing down with a vengeance!

     ‘It’s raining old women and sticks,’ my granny used to say, or, ‘it’s throwing it down!’ Whatever we say about the rain, it is always wet!

      And as I drove my car over the old horse bridge earlier today, the rain fell in all its glory, causing the river below to bulge with waves like gulping fish. I paused for a moment and stared at the wipers flipping the offending water off the windscreen. This was Man versus Nature but Nature is rebellious in any attempts to train it!

    ‘You must always treat the sea with respect,’ my father once said to me, and as I watched the river flood the marchlands, egged on by the sea, I nodded my head in understanding.

     As much as I love spring and summer, there is beauty in the seasons we are blessed with on this island of ours. Seak to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, whatever the weather, whatever the season. It is indeed later than you think. Goodnight!