17. Jan, 2016

A womanising bird

Mr Troglodytidae, or Mr Troglody for short, is nothing less than a polygamous Wren. A womanising bird.

       You can hear him even if you can’t see him and I can tell you that he will be trembling as he sings to all his potential partners. All this activity goes on in the dense hedges that surrounds the home for waifs and strays.

       This tiny, pugnacious ball of fluff, dressed in drably coloured clothes, will flit and flirt with as many female balls of fluff as he can, sometimes, as many as thirty but usually around twelve. He masterfully builds a range of cave-like nests then lets each female choose which one they prefer to lay their eggs. Once chosen, the female gets to decorate it with her own feathers. Soon after, she will lay around five to eight, tiny white eggs which are covered in reddish spots.

        To give him his due, Mr Troglody is a hands on father and despite having many partners, he will work tirelessly to feed his young. He sings as he darts from nest to nest.....proud to be a polygamous bird!