1. Mar, 2016

Training Lolo. Day 68

Day 68. Lolo has settled in well at our home for waifs and strays. And although I always thought it would be easy to let her go, I was wrong. We’re kindred spirits now and we have certainly bonded as well as any foster family can. It hasn’t been easy training Lolo but it hasn’t been as hard as I first thought. However, we still have a long way to go....given time!

     The phone call came a week or so ago.

     ‘We have a home for Lolo,’


     ‘...on the Sussex coast!’

     ‘So far away,’ my voice was hardly audible, ‘hundreds of miles in fact!’

     ‘It’s a perfect home for Lolo! Retired couple! No cats! No hens! No other pets! She is one lucky dog!’


     Selfish, that’s what I am! A perfect home she said. Our home wasn’t perfect for Lolo but perhaps she was perfect for our home.   

     ‘Have you changed your mind?’ The voice smiled.

     I wasn’t laughing. I was looking down at Lolo who was looking up at me wagging her tail. The sad eyes were often still there but not today, today they sparkled and she stood on her hind legs and reached up at me. She was waiting to go out into the woods. I had my wellies on all prepared with a ball in my free hand and a camera, as always, around my neck. It had become a regular part of training Lolo. A part I loved!

     ‘Would you like more time to think about it?’

     I should let her go, I thought. It would be better for the cats and the hens. I still work part-time at the hospital and have so many commitments. And what about our wildlife pond? The huge mounds of frog spawn have been desecrated by an over excited Lolo who loves to splash about in the water. Oh life would be so much easier without her. Or would it?

     ‘No,’ I heard my voice but didn’t recognise it, ‘I will let her go. When will they come for her?’

      ‘Well if you’re sure, they can travel down in six weeks!’

      ‘Six weeks!’ I still had plenty of time to train Lolo. To walk in the woods! To run on the beach! To sit together on the moors and watch the moon! To teach her how to get along with other dogs! To play my guitar and laugh when she hides under her blanket. I don’t think she likes my kind of music! And time to consider what I will do without her. I didn’t ask for a dog. In fact I never wanted a dog. But now that she is here, I can’t imagine life without her. She’s filled a gap in my life I never realised was there..... And perhaps, just perhaps, there is still time to change my mind!