31. Aug, 2016

An apple a day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, maybe so, but if you were to eat a cupful of apple seeds then you could be in big trouble and it could be time to call the doctor!      

     In ancient Greece, if one was to throw an apple at someone, it was in declaration of their love for that person. But, if the person got highly excited and threw numerous apples back and other ate them, then there could be trouble. You see, the seeds of the apple contain amygdalin, a sugar and cyanide compound called cyanogenic glycoside. Oh, it won’t hurt you in small amounts but in larger amounts (at least a cup full) they could cause adverse reactions. It does, however, take a few hours to work.

      This pomaceous fruit (Malus domestica) is part of the rose family and its wild ancestors (Malus sieversii), can still be found in Central Asia. 

      If you have an abundance of apples and would like to store them, wrap each one in dry paper and place in a single layer in a cardboard box. Keep them in a dark, dry and airy place but remember to check them from time to time and remove the rotten ones. They can last for many months.

       Apples have numerous health benefits, so remember an apple a day could indeed, keep the doctor away!