6. Feb, 2017

Another fight for freedom

We have been locked up for 61 days. So far, only one of us has died from boredom! She cried when she found her, just like she did when she saved us the first time. Only this time she was the one who locked us up. She's the one who is trying to save us from this terrible avian flu. Twilight died of old age and out of us all, she was the freedom fighter. Twilight was the one that struggled with the restrictions most of all.  

      In fairness to her, she does her best to keep us entertained and spends quite a bit of time hanging vegetables around the greenhouse, singing the same old song that goes something like this....

I’m going to love you for the rest of your lives

I’m going to need you for the rest of your lives

I’m going to want you for the rest of your lives

And I’m gonna make it good for you!


     It’s the same song she sang to us on that long journey home after rescuing us from a fate worse than death.

     We watched her dig a hole, big enough to bury herself, outside our house before placing straw in the bottom. Then ever so gently, she placed Twilight down and covered her with more straw then earth and tears and she sang of course. Then briefly, she looked up at us and sure enough she smiled.

      ‘Hold on my girls,’ she shouted, ‘you will be free again, soon!’


The H5N8 strain of avian influenza has been circulating Europe for a couple of months and due to the spread of this disease by migrating birds, poultry owners, like myself, have been told they must keep their geese, chickens and ducks, away from wild birds. This includes people who have just a few backyard hens.

     However, after being in since the 7th December 2016, we were all expecting to release our flocks into the fields again, but sadly, this is not about to happen, just yet. The latest news is that all poultry must remain under cover until 28th February earliest.

     One should also practice good bio security, and disinfect footwear before and after visiting the poultry. We should ensure that every effort is made to prevent spreading this disease and aim for a quick return to freedom. Roll on 28th February.

Goodnight Twilight, you were such a wee character and brightened up many dull days at our home for waifs and strays.