26. Feb, 2017


Freedom is just two days away! For some at least!

February 28th 2017 is marked FREEDOM on my calendar in red. It’s been a long time coming but two more sleeps and the door will open to the world. But what will the girls think after being cooped up for almost three months.

Avian flu has taken the lives of many birds over the past few months which prompted the government to enforce a law stating that all poultry (including backyard hens, ducks etc,) be separated from wild birds. This has proven extremely difficult for many people as well as the animals.

But time has passed and here we are, at our home for waifs and strays, preparing for the big day. We were fortunate in as much as we had a large greenhouse to house the hens during this time and just attached their hen house to the end of it. However, the girls, used to roaming around the pond and doing their own thing, have had to adjust to sharing their space and it hasn’t been easy for some.

Today, in Wales, is wet and gloomy but work is still underway to move the hens to a new home in our garden. We have decided to fence off the area around our pergola, where shortly, the purple wisteria will hang down like layered lanterns. Apple trees also grow here so there is plenty of shade from the sun. And tucked away in the corner is smaller greenhouse where the girls can shelter from the rain. A perfect new home for our hens!

But for now, there is much to do, although, my kind and unassuming husband does most of the hard work. Keeping animals is no easy task but the rewards are enormous. Roll on Tuesday!