17. Mar, 2017

St Patrick's Day Story

At the tender age of sixteen, Patrick was kidnapped by Irish pirates and taken from his home in England to Ireland. For the next six years, he was forced into slavery and turned to religion in his despair. He only managed to escape when he heard God’s voice telling him what to do. Once free, he made his way back to his family. But many years later, after becoming a priest himself, he returned to Ireland. He had a dream that he would one day convert them to Christianity.

     Patrick soon became Saint Patrick, one of Ireland’s most popular Saints. He died on March 17th 461 at the site where he built his first church.

     Like many people, Patrick followed his heart. It wasn’t an easy path he chose or followed. Life isn’t like that. But he was determined and his faith helped him achieve his goal. I believe if we have faith in oursevles, we can achieve many things. Remember in tales past, that the road less travelled is the road with stones, as yet, unturned!