3. Jun, 2017

The road less travelled

Every week I pay a visit to Carmarthen, the oldest town in Wales (so it claims) and every week I travel the same road home. Yesterday however,  was different! I went cross country, thinking it would be a short cut...How wrong was I?

     Instead of going straight over the crossroads, I turned left onto a quiet lane, thinking it would cut off a huge part of my journey. There was no sign to say it would, it just looked like it should. The sun shone through the windscreen and I felt a surge of excitement. I love adventures!

     Driving down lanes laced with wild flowers took my breath away. Every so often I would pass an isolated farm but no other car, just the odd tractor as I drove up and down small hills and over the oldest of quaint bridges where our ancestors trodded. This didn’t seem to bother me at first, I was heading the right way, so I thought! My excitement grew, as if I had discovered a new part of Wales, a part no one else had ever seen. I just couldn’t wait to tell my kind and unassuming husband on my eventual return.

     I braked suddenly, just in front of the oldest oak tree I had ever seen. But it wasn’t just the tree that caught my eye, but the buzzard that sat on its naked branch. I turned off the engine and watched, mesmerised by its large broad body and a pale necklace of feathers.  

     Further along the lane, I saw newly born lambs wobbling besides their mothers. It reminded me Sandwich and all the other wee lambs that had passed through our home for waifs and strays and I smiled. However, my smile soon faded when I realised I was lost.

     Deciding to turn the car around and go back the way I came seemed the best option. The lanes were getting narrower and grass grew down the centre making driving difficult. And just at that moment, I saw the most amazing site. A Red Kite! It was unmistakable with its reddish brown body and forked tail. Saved from extinction by one of the world’s longest running protection programmes, these magnificent birds of prey can now be seen across many parts of Wales. I felt blessed!

     Back at our home for waifs and strays, I told my kind and unassuming husband all about my journey home and how the road less travelled took twice as long but a hundred times more interesting. And yet another tale to tell my readers!