11. Jul, 2017

The rat catcher

‘He’s back!’ shouted my kind and unassuming husband as he hurried off to work this morning. ‘If he’s here when I get home I will shoot him!’ but he was joking of course! You see, our uninvited and unwelcome visitor is nothing more than a rat!

Every time we tell anyone that we keep chickens, they always have the rat look on their faces. But rats would be here with or without the hens and their cousins, the squirrels who are also rodents. We also feed the wild birds and this encourages the little people too.

However, I have to admit that their wee little faces always make me smile, much to the horror of my kind and unassuming husband.

‘They have a heart too,’ I remind him and so we never harm them but attempt to trap them in a cage and release them up on the moor or in the woodlands.

Prevention if better than a cure, which is perfectly true according to hen keeping books! However, I have tried keeping the food in plastic containers and sweeping up every single night, every scrap of spilled food, but the ‘little people’ still come, in hope of a free take-away!

He has gone to work now, my kind and unassuming husband that is, and so I will do my best, on my day off, to think of another deterrent. Oops! He is back.....and so is she! The rats I mean!