25. Aug, 2017

Top of the world

After 11 days of travelling around wild Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, we returned home to an allotment swamped in vegetables and weeds. However, the animals had been well cared for and were pleased to see us. A huge sigh of relief!

It was our first trip to Scotland and certainly not our last. Quite often we felt we had the world to ourselves as we jollied along in our old camper, three pairs of eyes glued to the scenery before us. We took the wee dog of course, the one we didn’t want, didn’t ask for but got, nevertheless! She is our baby now, despite the fact she is 12 years old. She means the world to us!

We notched up 1,300 miles and memories to last a lifetime. Fairytale castles, mysterious lochs, Enid Blyton type islands and towering mountains. Oh, and not to forget the incredible Caribbean look alike beaches on South Harries. The water was a tad cold though!  

Well I have to dash and crack on with my novel. Nearing the end now! Have a great weekend everyone!