31. Aug, 2017

The dog who learnt to love

Lolo was an unwanted dog with a bad attitude. She hated the postman and during a revenge attack she managed to knockout all of her front teeth. Her last owners used a muzzle on her the minute they left the house. Then came along a baby and Lolo went on the waiting list for a place at the local dogs home. During this time, she stayed at our home for waifs and strays. We had never had a dog nor wanted one, but something told me that she needed us, nevertheless.

Due to the many rescued battery hens and cats already living at our home, it was with great caution we took this wee girl in. However, she was almost eleven at this time and it took many weeks for our home to grow on her as the cats soon put her in her place. It couldn’t have been easy for Lolo but the magic of our home soon began to work.

From day one, we never used a muzzle and I tried to follow the dog whisperer’s guide. I would be lying if I said it was plain sailing. It wasn’t! Quite often I rang the dogs trust in tears and they were brilliant. I was torn with the thought of sending her away, just as she was beginning to settle in.

The months passed and there was still no news of a place for Lolo at the dog’s home. If I am honest with you, I never called to check! Then one day, a lady in the village offered her a home. I remember her looking up at me with eyes that knew what was going on. I smiled and thanked the lady but told her I had decided to keep her, as she was now a fully fledged member of our home for waifs and strays! She was our girl!

Well time has passed and Lolo has certainly changed. Oh, she still growls at the postman but thankfully, ‘her lack of teeth’ are her saving grace.

On our return from Scotland quite recently, we noticed with sadness that we had two orphaned chicks just a day old. As my kind and unassuming husband and I hurriedly discussed whether we should raise them ourselves or take them to a farm that deal with day old chicks, our dear old Lolo had stepped in as a surrogate mother. It was incredible. In fact, so many of our family and friends came to witness the once uncontrollable dog take control of two tiny orphaned chicks.

Three days later and Lolo still nurses her chicks throughout the day. They climb all over her then snuggle underneath her for naps. I shall continue to report back with updates and pictures.

What a beautiful and surprising world we live in!