26. Sep, 2017

Autumn update

Autumn has reached our village with colour and lethargy. People seem to have hibernated rather earlier than normal and even the animals are rather quiet. However, activity at our home for waifs and strays remains the same, busy!

The young orphaned chicks are growing at a rapid rate and Lolo struggles to keep up with them. They still live in the house and I’m afraid they might be at risk of becoming house hens if we don’t act quickly.

Out in the garden our allotment has flourished. We’ve been harvesting fruit and vegetables for many weeks now and giving surplus veggie boxes to family and friends. But we still have a lot to learn as so much of what we grew was lost, due to white/black fly and cabbage whites. I have never ever seen so many caterpillars!  I have to add, that I never killed a fly or caterpillar as I took them up onto the moor and set them free. It was a bit tricky making a trap for the flies but it worked and in the end, just the cucumbers were slaughtered by the tiny creatures!

Down by the pond, things are flourishing without our help and it’s beginning to look just as we hoped, wild and interesting. Lily pads have proved a haven for much of the wildlife above and below their shiny green leaves. A friend asked if he could go pond dipping yesterday as he needed a snail for his fish tank.  After a few minutes, he not only found what he was looking for, but lots of young newts too. So we sat on the bench with a cup of sweet tea and celebrated our pond success!

Back at the chicken run, another two hens have gone broody. A tad late to place the orphaned chicks underneath them! And if they think we’re going to have more chicks, they can think again!

So all in all, life at our home for waifs and strays is ticking along nicely. There’s a lot more going on of course, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time, take care and remember it’s later than you think!