14. Jan, 2019

Winter at our home for waifs & strays

Winter at our home for waifs and strays is usually quite quiet, however, anything can happen and this winter is no exception. Everything, it seems, needs fixing, replacing or removing, but as animals continue to hibernate, this can be difficult.

Don’t worry, I shall only mention them once, but rats have been a problem. Using a humane trap, we caught as many as we could, and took them to a valley across the moors. It seems to have worked, for the time being, as we haven’t seen hide nor hair of one for quite some time. Fingers crossed they have taken the hint!

Many of our hens are quite old now, seven or eight years. However, they seem quite happy in their retirement, still wondering down as far as the pond. The younger ones look grumpy during these short, cold days and strut about with their feathers fluffed up to keep warm. Eggs are in short supply until Valentine ’s Day, when things begin to change.

Remember lolo, our rescued dog? Well she’s proved to be a valuable member of our home for waifs and strays and even my kind and unassuming husband has been trapped under her spell. She adopted two orphaned chicks last year and they still remain friends in the garden. It’s an incredible sight.

We did well with our garden allotment last summer and benefited from the fruits of our hard labour. Apart from the cabbage white butterflies, feeding off the lush green leaves, we managed to harvest most of our crops.

It’s the foxing hour and I can hear their shrill calls on the other side of the hedge. It’s always a worry but we do the best we possibly can. Thank you for looking in. Please call again.