28. Sep, 2020

Precious rain

For those of my readers who have never been to Wales, where I live with my kind and unassuming husband, let me tell you a little secret, it is outstandingly beautiful but extremely WET!

There are all forms of rain in Wales! Fat rain (big wet blobs), lazy rain (rain that would rather go through you than around you), drizzle, pelting, misty, graupel (German name)a soft hail or snow pellets, and snow of course. All this rain is the reason we have such a lush green country.

I guess the shape of our landscape with mountains and long stretches of coastline can cause the weather to change dramatically one hour to the next. We are also close to the Atlantic ocean and the Irish sea.

But we also have stunning sunsets and sunny days to crawl into and savour. Take today for example, it began with rain, ordinary straight rain which was warm, nevertheless. Then sunshine by lunchtime and a mixture at the time of writing, but as usual, the golden hour is upon us and the colour is magical. I wouldn’t swap Wales for anywhere else on earth!

However, I would like to add that it is a struggle in our allotment garden where the corn on the cobs are over a metre tall and were forced to the ground by the fat rain and a wicked wind yesterday. My kind and unassuming husband and I struggled for an hour to tether each plant to a pole (broken branches) so that they could all have a chance of survival. I have to say that they are all looking good today. Well done Mr Kind and Unassuming Husband!