11. Oct, 2021


News from our home for waifs & strays

Ten more rescued hens arrived safe and well. Scantily dressed in ruffled or no feathers to speak of, but happy to be in their new home, nevertheless. Sadly, within days of them settling in, the rain hit us hard and two developed a cough. However, with the treatment of antibiotics, they were soon back to health and ready to greet the autumn sunshine.

     A few weeks have passed, and we’re delighted with their progress. To say they are show-offs is an understatement. They hold their heads high and sometimes I detect a smile upon their faces…but try as he might, my kind and unassuming husband struggles to stretch his imagination in that direction. Believe me, happy hens do smile!

      This week, while the sun shone, we harvested most of our crops. I’m afraid many failed while others grew like crazy. I must admit I had no idea what some were. Thankfully, a few of our knowledgeable friends came to the rescue and, as always, stayed and cooked a magnificent meal fit for a king. It’s so nice eating outdoors in early autumn. Wrapped up warm beside a fire, looking up at the stars. Talking and laughing with friends always makes me feel blessed. No matter how hard the day might be, they are always there when you need them.

      It’s late now and I know for sure that foxes are prowling the boarders of our home for waifs and strays. But I can relax, knowing that our girls are tucked up in their beds safe from humans and all other predators.

      Goodnight all, remember that it is later than you think!