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Website 28. Nov, 2018


A lot of interesting information, keep up the good :)

18. Aug, 2015

ann and zac xxx

Hi Jill your photos are great i liked the one only leave footprints

Website 28. Apr, 2015

Rebecca Reid

Hi Jill

Pat and Becky here! We are just checking out your awesome website! Thank you very much for your KCEP donation towards Elvis' cause. Becky xxx

Website 7. Apr, 2015

ann and zac xx

Hi Jill just had a lovely trip around gower thanks to you xx

9. Jan, 2015

alan bryant

Jill, this is such a wonderful, simple, peaceful website. You have a gift for passing on an inner calm. Thank you

12. Jun, 2014


You are amazing ... I love to read all your stories, it makes me feel so much closer to you...x

2. Jun, 2014


I have dusted my vintage sewing machine ready for our sew knit and natter evenings, get the kettle on!

11. May, 2014


Hi Ann, good to hear from you again. I'm working very hard getting my book up to scratch. So much editing to do. You're welcome to a cup of tea anytime my friend. xx

11. May, 2014


hi Ji

any hope of a book soon ?

love ann /zac xx

ps how about a cuppa ?

l whens your book coming out ?

22. Apr, 2014


hi Jill great tales

13. Mar, 2014


Hey Jill, glad to see your writings going well.

6. Mar, 2014

Zoe x

Your blogs have become my night time reading! I love them, please keep them coming!!

4. Mar, 2014


Hi Jill

Just read all your tales, brilliant my clever friend, xxxx

3. Mar, 2014


Ah I can smell the salt of the sea air whilst reading your tale of the strange creatures of the sea - they are Goose Barnacles, an expensive delicacy in Spain and are harvested on the north coast of Galicia - go gather ....

6. Feb, 2014


Love the blogs Jill. you clever thing x

6. Feb, 2014

Fran :)

This is fab Jill!! .... And fun to read....I look forward to reading more xx

31. Jan, 2014


What a wonderful idea... can't wait to read all about The Gower which is sadly on the other side of the world to me... :(